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John’s Scamp

Originally designed and launched in 1969 by Robert Mandry, the Mini-powered Scamp kit car was originally available from the Connaught Garage in Brookwood, Surrey. Robert Mandry developed the angular mk1 Scamp, which several years later gave way to the well-known box shaped mk2.
Later mk3 Scamps have been available since 1989, with more recently the introduction of 4×4 versions based on either the Suzuki or Daihatsu chassis. The mk2 and mk3 Scamps in long wheelbase form can be built as six wheelers, and with a whole host of different power units (most using standard 850cc or 998cc) and infinite modifications, it is true that no two Scamps are the same!
Designed and built as an all-purpose vehicle, combining many commercial applications with fun and leisure use, the Scamp has always been built for longevity utilising an immensely strong box section design with body panels made either from steel or aluminium.
Add one A-Series engine, standard Mini front and rear non-hydrolastic suspension: the rest is very much up to the owner, giving a diverse range of finished Scamps! Options of soft and hard tops, a cab kit with doors, wheel arch extensions, tail-gated chassis, rear suspension radius arm extensions for larger wheels, a selection of bumpers, bull bars and spare wheel carriers, the combinations were infinite!

This particular Scamp, dating from around the mid 70’s, is a Mk2a type. It’s generally the same as the Mk2 but has extra braces for the top subframe mounts and uses the later type Mini subframe. When we brought the car, it was a pick-up and had been modified to look like a truck cab – but this wasn’t to out taste and the mods that had been done were to a very poor standard. Several years later and it has undergone some major transformation. We needed a vehicle that we could transport our dogs to the various shows we attend each year without having to put them in our Mk1 and Mk2 Minis. So many hours later the pick-up was converted into a van with bespoke doors and rear tailgate. As Scamps go, it’s now surprisingly watertight too!
We then needed to decide on a livery. At many of the Mini shows, you often see a lot of novelty Mini estates made to look like General Lee from the Dukes of Hazard, but you hardly ever see any made to look like The A Team Van! so as they say – the rest was history…


Engine Spec
A+ block bored out to 73.5mm, producing 1380cc. Omega 73.5mm 7cc dished pistons, Nippon Ringsets. Reground, knife-edged, wedged and ni-tempered crank. centre main strap. Kent 276 cross-drilled billet cam with duplex timing gear. 1:1.5 ratio full roller rockers. Minispeed Stage 4 cylinder head. Lightened flywheel & back plate. HIF44 Carb with Cone Filter. Maniflow exhaust manifold. Custom exhaust system with Maniflow silencer. Ultimate Engine Mounts. Lucas 45D Distributor. Facet electric fuel pump & 5/16″ fuel hose. Max power: 99BHP @ 6427rpm. Max torque: 96Lb/Ft @ 4368rpm.

4 speed A+ box. Straight-cut 1:1 roller drop gears. 4 pin diff with 3.1 ratio final drive. Turbo clutch plate & Orange clutch diaphragm

Suspension & Steering
Genuine Rover cones. Modified standard trumpets. KYB shocks. Negative camber bottom arms & adjustable tie-rods. Solid subframe mounts.

Twin circuit braking system. Metro Turbo calipers and vented discs. Spacered rear drums

Wheels & Tyres
Mini Light 6×12″ wheels, re-sprayed red with Yokohama A539 tyres

MG Metro seats. MG Metro Clockset. Boot converted into dog transport. False boot floor creating more storage. Various extra horns

Extensively modified Mini Scamp Mk2a, Converted from a Pick Up into a Van. Gloss Black lower half, with Gunmetal Grey upper half. Bespoke rear tailgate and removable doors. Defender rear window. Early Mini side windows. Land Rover Discovery Sunroof. Bespoke arches. Roof spoiler. Solar powered air vents. Mk1/2 Mini Door locks. Bespoke removable front grille. Mini Estate fuel tank