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Matt’s Mk1 1380 Injection

During Matt’s time of ownership of this mini it has undergone two major restorations. When purchased back in 2001 the car was in has not been used for many years and was in need of restoring. The engine was seized and there was extensive rust on various parts of the car, but the floor pan was solid.

Having undergone a near full restoration, the car was resprayed in Ford Red, and had undergone a radical transformation, along the lines of a Cooper S rally style. The car was then featured in both Miniworld and Mini Magazine.

Several years down the line, the original panels started to show signs of deterioration and then eventually in 2007 the car had a total rebuild including a complete new floor pan, along with a carbon fibre flip front. The car was re-sprayed in BMC Aqua Green – a colour that was still period (1970’s) but not as common as the more traditional Mini colours. To make the car more distinctive from its old livery, a new look was created, with a modern digital dashboard, the same as used in Ariel Atoms, along with major work to the engine. At the time, Matt worked at Minispeed in Byfleet, and the car quickly became a guinea pig for new parts and trialling of new methods. A six speed dog box was fitted along with a 1380cc engine ran off twin throttle bodies – the first Mini to be done so. The engine also had an extreme race camshaft fitted (Piper 649+) which produced huge power figures (138bhp) when ran with the OMEX ECU and throttle bodies. At the time, it was also one of the most powerful normally aspirated minis ever made.

The car was an instant success and featured on the cover of Miniworld for a second time – an achievement that only this car has ever done.

More recently the engine side of the car has undergone some more changes to make it more ‘driveable’. 138bhp is all very well but not if the power does not kick in until 4000rpm!
It now has a 286 camshaft, and thanks to the mapped ECU, it has no bottom end lag, meaning it can now pull away far more easier, and still has 125bhp. The six speed dog box has also gone and made way for a 4speed straight cut gearbox.

The result: a Mini that is still a very quick normally aspirated engined Mini, but is now far more enjoyable to drive.

A+ block bored out to 73.5mm producing 1380cc. IASA 73.5mm 7cc dished pistons. Reground, knife-edged, wedged and ni-tempered crank & rods. Kent 286 cross drilled camshaft. Titan Vernier belt drive. Jack Knight 1:1.5 ratio full roller rockers. Concept 37Race head by Minispeed with 37mm race inlet valves and 31mm race exhaust valves. Jenvy twin throttle body. Injectors mounted on ends of ram pipes. Omex 500 fully mappable 3D ignition and fuelling system. Ultra light Billet EN8 steel flywheel & back plate. Centre Main Strap with modified main caps. Maniflow Stainless Large Bore 3 into 1 manifold. Maniflow Miglia twin rear box system. Ultimate Engine Mount. ARP head studs and rod bolts. High Torque starter motor. Super Cool 2 core radiator. Kenlowe auxiliary electric fan. High Capacity water pump. Black Silicone water hoses.

Jack Knight 4 speed straight-cut box. Jack Knight straight-cut 1:1 roller drop gears. MED straight-cut 3.4 ratio final drive. Quaife limited slip differential. Cera-metallic paddle clutch plate. Orange clutch diaphragm. KAD Quickshift

Jack Knight Quick Rack. Competition rubber cones on front & Genuine Rover cones on rear. AVO adjustable shocks with djustable height – front and rear. Adjustable negative camber bottom arms. Adjustable tie-rods. Adjustable camber & track brackets on rear. Rear anti-roll bar. Uprated polyurethane subframe bushes

Single line circuit with Mk3 inline servo. Titan 4pot 7.5″ vented alloy calipers. 7.5″ vented disks. Alloy finned rear drums. Braided hoses all round. Adjustable regulator. KAD Fly-off type handbrake

MB Racing 10 x 6″ split-rim wheels with Yokohama A032R 165/70-10 tyres

Full Bare-metal restored shell.  Re-sprayed in BMC Aqua with black roof. Carbon-fibre two-piece flip front. Fibre-glass boot lid. Mk1 Morris wide slat grille and moustache. Rear stainless bumper and overiders. Wood and Pickett style arches. Chrome door locks. Chrome door mirrors. Wipac halogen headlamps. Smiths heated rear window element. Serek right-hand fuel tank.

Corbeau Targa seats. Newton Commercial Carpet set. Automotive interior set. Safety Devices six-point roll cage with fixed rear diagonal. Black 4 point Luke harnesses. New braided wiring loom. SPA Design ‘Dash System’ digital dashboard. Mota-Lita steering wheel

125bhp at the flywheel.

‘MiniWorld’ Magazine cover car, Nov 2003 edition
‘Mini’ Magazine feature car, Oct 2004 Edition
‘MiniWorld’ Magazine cover car, June 2009 edition

Miniworld “Car Of the Show”, Miniworld Action Day Sept 2008
Castle Combe Circuit “Car of the Day”, Miniworld Action Day Sept 2008